Discover GoVerden Guacamole

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Discover GoVerden Guacamole
Scroll down to discover how we transform Hass avocados into the freshest ingredient for your coolest moments!!

Why we use Hass avocados

GoVerden hass avocados freshest Goverden Acovado Guac Goverden Aguacate Goverden Aguacate
Dark, tough skin that protects flesh
My name is Persea americana Mill. But you can call me “Mr. Hass.”
You can also call me: “aguacate”. (ahg/wah/KAH/teh)
Smooth, creamy texture
Superior taste
Rich in good fats
Nutrient booster

Why goverden Guacamole?

GoVerden Mexican grow
GoVerden Michoacan México avocados
100% Mexican-grown

We ripen tons of Hass avocados grown in Michoacan, Mexico, the avocado capital of the world.

GoVerden avocado GoVerden avocado
GoVerden Hand scoop every avocado
Chunky and creamy

We hand scoop every avocado to
preserve its wonderful texture.

GoVerden avocado chunks
GoVerden mix ingredients avocado
Made with ingredients you know

We mix our avocado chunks with only fruits and vegetables you would use at home. All ingredients are NON-GMO Certified.

GoVerden avocado GoVerden avocado
GoVerden 100 natural
Guac 100% natural

To ensure freshness, we use a high pressure
pasteurization process that eliminates all pathongens.
This way, we extend the shelf life and use 0 preservatives.

GoVerden Guacamole
is proudly certified by:

Certified GoVerden Goverden NON GMO

GoVerden complies with the highest international food safety standards.

GoVerden GoVerden GoVerden GoVerden GoVerden GoVerden
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