GoVerden FAQs

Some of GoVerden Guacamole's most frequently asked questions.

About preservation & quality:

Can I freeze the product?

You can freeze it if sealed; once open, store it in the fridge.

How long will my GoVerden last frozen?

It's good for up to 30 days if frozen.

How many days is my GoVerden Guac good after thawed?

We recommend eating it within 3 days of being thawed.

How long after the expiration date is it safe to eat?

If it looks and tastes good past its expiration date, it's safe to eat.

How do GoVerden’s Guacamole stay fresh so long? (HPP)

Our avocado products go through a High-Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) process, which eliminates all harmful bacteria and microorganisms, making the products safe to consume for the duration of the established shelf life.

Some of my cups are brown. Why is that?

The brown color is due to a natural process called oxidation. With these small cups, there's always risk of accidental perforation in the film covering (caused in transit or storage), which allows oxygen to enter. When avocado comes into contact with oxygen, the natural oxidation process begins. Please discard any product that looks brown, and if possible, report the lot number and send a picture to our Customer Care team through our website.

I forgot to refrigerate it. Is it still good?

If the product has only been out of refrigeration for a couple of hours and it's still green, please refrigerate it immediately. Once it has reached refrigerated temperature, stir and taste the product (if the film hasn't been torn).

Why do my cups look like they have oil?

Avocados are seasonal. Their texture, taste, color, and oil content vary throughout the year. They're bright green and dry in April and May. New crops grow out in August/September, and they're smoother, more buttery, and less yellow. They also develop lower water content, which is why the guac may appear more oily. This doesn't mean the product isn't good. Just make sure to stir it thoroughly before serving.

I found pieces of avocado skin in my cups.

We make our avocado and guacamole products with love, and so we hand scoop each avocado to make sure we get all the goods. This process sometimes allows for small pieces of avocado skin to get mixed in with the guac, but it's completely safe to eat. You can, however, take the skin bits out if you prefer.

Is there added sugar in GoVerden guacamole and avocado products?

No, at GoVerden we do not add sugar to any of our our products.

Are GoVerden products Dairy Free?

Yes, they are. No lactose ingredients are used in making our guacamole and avocado pulp products.
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About general inquiries:

Are GoVerden Guacamole products vegan?

GoVerden is vegan because of the nature of the product; we use no additives, no preservatives, and no ingredients derived from animals.

Where can I find the smashed avocado?

You should be able to find our Perfectly Ripe Avocado cups at the Sam's Clubs below, and you can find our GoVerden Guacamole at H-E-B.

Where is the nearest Sam's Club I can find your smashed avocado (Perfectly Ripe Avocado) cups at?

You can find our store locator at the bottom of our website. Enter your ZIP code, and the locator will display your nearest Sam's Clubs.

Where can I find GoVerden´s Classic and Spicy Guacamole recipes?

We are currently sold at Walmart stores and HEB stores. Please go to our store locator and enter your zip code for a GoVerden near you.
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